Weekly Ramblings: Cupping therapy and ColourPop haul


Well, I guess I need a “haul” to motivate me to write here. 😉

colourpop haul indian beauty blogger

How’ve you been? I miss writing on my blog. I don’t miss writing in general because that’s what I do for a living. For those of you who don’t know, I work full-time for a magazine. But this is my space and I get to write what I want to without terms and conditions. I’m trying my level best to open my laptop after work and write for Divassence!. It takes a lot of effort to come back home and open the laptop again. Things are slowly changing though.

For those of you who asked me about my migraine, the intensity of the pain has come down but I still get it frequently. If you want me to write a separate post on it, let me know.

Let’s talk about Sarahah, shall we? Well, the concept was trending for a week and then disappeared. Well, that’s how trends are – here today, gone tomorrow, never to stay. Now, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Apart from “you’re cute”, “hi” and other random messages, I received two messages, which I wanted to talk about.

sarahah (2)

sarahah (1)

While I understand the second one, I’m not able to fully comprehend the first one. What does “putting oneself out there” mean? Does it mean I need to capture every single action of mine and bore you on social media, or blog/post on social media more often? Please enlighten me.

The second one is quite clear. Thank you to whoever has left this feedback. I am definitely trying to get back to blogging again. Words like these encourage me to keep trying. I love makeup and I love writing. So, I’ll definitely start posting more often again. *fingers crossed*

Let’s forget the serious discussion temporarily and move to something exciting. It is haul time! For those who are not familiar with the term “haul”, it is used by bloggers to display products they’ve bought.

Lure cupping therapy set, Colourpop lumiere lipstick haul, indian beauty blog

Ever since my brother moved to the US, I’ve been making lists – lengthy ones of makeup products I want from there. For a change, this time I decided to add something completely different to my list. After seeing several videos on cupping therapy, I was convinced enough to give it a try. So I asked him to send a cupping therapy home kit, and it arrived. I’ve used it twice so far and I absolutely love it. More on that in another blog post, which I hopefully write. 🙂

My favourite go-to lipstick is Colourpop’s Lumiere lippie stix. Instead of repurchasing just the lipstick, I went ahead and asked a poor soul who was coming to Chennai to bring the lipstick, lip pencil and liquid lipstick for me. It’s like how Indians in the US ask for tamarind, milagai podi, paruppu podi and so on. I ask for makeup.  And I hope as a makeup lover you do the same too. ;-D

Colourpop lumiere 2 liquid lipstick swatch, review

If you’d like to see a swatch post or a review, let me know. Like I had mentioned before, I love the formulation of Colourpop Lumiere lippie stix but I’m yet to try the other two.

Colourpop lumiere review, swatches


Last but not the least…

On the movies front, I watched Vikram Vedha, Dunkirk and Annabelle 2 recently. Loved the first two. I didn’t find Annabelle scary at all. Even though the movie belonged to the horror genre, it was more of an emotional drama. Well, that’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

How is your weekend coming along? What are your plans for today? Ready to get back to work tomorrow? Well, I’m not. I honestly don’t know where the so called long weekend went!