Weekly Ramblings: Round 17

Well, here I am with another round of Weekly Ramblings after ages!! Cheers to that (the lamest pun intended!).

Our Hotel Room in Goa

There are loads and loads of things I want to talk about but I’m going to split up all that into several smaller posts throughout the next two weeks. Today, let me just talk (a little, I promise) about my Goa trip. Two of my friends at work and I decided we badly needed a break from our monotonous routine and planned to head to Goa.

It was just a three day trip but it was a packed one. We visited every place we could (not the usual pubs and stuff) and we decided to explore Goa in a very different way. We skipped the bars and booze and just enjoyed Goa sans all that. We were vegetarians and didn’t order alcohol at any place so yes, we got a few glances for that everywhere! I’ll be doing a separate post with loads of pictures on the entire trip and what to do and what not to do  in Goa so I’ll save the rest of the rambling for later. God save you people! 😉

Here are a few pictures of us three who went on the trip, of me alone doing silly stuff and of the jewellery I wore. I also got two temporary tattoos done.

The trio! 😀
Crazy ol’ me @ Goa
Accessories and my temporary tattoo

I also bought A LOT of stuff!! Jewellery, tunics, stuff for my home and Goan masalas. Here is a peek at what you will be drooling over on the next The Jhumka Diaries post (which will be up next Sunday).

Shopping at Goa

Also in the past three months, I have been making an effort to eat healthy and lose weight but hey, I need to indulge once in a while right? So here are a few food pictures (for those of you who kept telling me you missed weekly ramblings and the food pictures :D). By the way, the only justification I have to eat all this is because i have to take pictures for weekly Ramblings. This weekly series is nothing without food pictures, or so I presume.

New folder12
At Cream Centre
L to R: Cake Walk Oreo Cheesecake, Adoniya Red Velvet Dessert in a jar, Cream and Fudge Chocolate Icecream, Cake Walk Chocolate Cake (centre), Pizza Corner Choco Lava sort of cake, Adoniya Choc Cookie
Little Italy, Chennai
Lunch @ Little Italy: Pizzas with aubergine and spinach, nachos with baked beans (the yummiest nachos ever!), mashed potatoes

Well, that’s it for now. Happy Weekend! 🙂