VIVO Beauty Balm: Warm Ivory: Review/Swatch

Majority of the BB Creams I’ve bought till now, have disappointed me in a few aspects but still work in some way or the other. Take for example the Garnier BB Cream. Well, in terms of coverage it didn’t work but it gave the skin such a beautiful glow that I still use it along with another BB Cream (definitely not on it’s own!) BUT the VIVO Beauty  Balm is a complete let down. 

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VIVO Color Stain Lip Crayon: Wide Awake: Review/Swatch/FOTD

My niece constantly goes on and on about (threatening is the more appropriate word here! :D) how she wants to inherit my makeup, jewellery and clothes.Her reason being, I’ll never fit into my old clothes (she pictures me to be this huge balloon!!) and that I won’t wear bright bold makeup when I grow old. Even if I agree to the first one, I would never agree to the second part of it!! Me?? Sacrificing my bright lipsticks and bold blushers?? No way! But when I bought this pink lip crayon from VIVO, and I came to terms with the fact that I love this color on me, it got me thinking… AM I really growing old?

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VIVO Cosmetics Baked Blush: Rosy: Review/Swatch/FOTD

Rosy pink cheeks is something we all dream of. When people say a flush of rosy pink is achieved when you walk in the snow or when you hit the gym, I think it might just not be worth it. Until I found a shortcut to achieve this oh-so famous rosy glow and no brownie points for guessing that it is a blush and it is called Rosy!!

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VIVO Lacquer Shine Lipgloss: Fire: Review/Swatch/FOTD

Whoever discovered lipsticks definitely deserve a pat on their back. As much as I love my blushers, lipsticks have a special place in my heart. The more pigmented they are, the better. So what do you really infer from this? That I’m conducting a GRE/SAT exam here where logical inferences fetch you scores? Not really, but seriously, all I wanted to say was that lipglosses are something I usually stay away from and if you still don’t know the reason then refer to the above sentences 😛 😛 Gosh! Did I actually write this??!! 

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VIVO Cosmetics Baked Blusher: Cinnamon Glow: Review/Swatch/LOTD

I have a soft corner (and most of the time, where relevant, a huge appetite) for anything baked. Imagine a chocolate cupcake with a mint chocolate chip frosting or a red velvet one with a cream cheese frosting.. mmmm.. but what’s even better are the baked blushers from VIVO Cosmetics, especially Cinnamon Glow! I wouldn’t trade this one for anything, baked or otherwise! Read more