Press Release: TNC’s April Summer Solstice Beauty Wish Box plus 2 more

Get It While It’s Hot: TNC’s April Summer Solstice Beauty Wish Box now LIVE!

April BWB (TBC)

With temperature soaring high, couldn’t think of a better time to give you a cool down with this April’s ultimate beauty splurge directly from the solace of nature. While there are plenty of reasons to look forward to this season — summer break, weekend getaways, city escapes, bikinis, beaches (we could go on…)—now The Nature’s Co. Summer Solstice Special Beauty Wish Box has been added to the list too.

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Press Release: TNC Founder unveils beauty essentials at work in the “Gorgeous 9-to-5 Beauty Wish Box”!

The Nature’s Co. Founder unveils beauty essentials at work!

March being the financial year end calls for appraisal and promotion evaluations. Don’t you want to show the confiance inside out at this time of the year? We’re sure your desk drawers are fully supplied with pens and post-its, but what about beauty essentials? It’s important to keep an inventory of beauty must-haves at your workplace, after all, the amount of time we working ladies spend at our work desk, it makes it pretty much our second home.

TNC doesn’t leave a chance to help you look your best naturally, around the clock. This time Beauty Expert & Founder, The Nature’s Co, Natasha Shah, herself has rounded up 6 products in the March Special Gorgeous 9 to 5 Beauty Wish Box, that’ll work as hard as you do.

The Nature’s Co Coffee Face Scrub: Review

After the disappointing customer service fiasco I had faced at The Nature’s Co. outlet, I had made up my mind not to visit the store again…..ever. But there were a few products which I had purchased earlier and I thought I should review these for the benefit of those of you who want to try out products from this brand. I have 4-5 products to review yet from this brand.
The Nature’s Co. Coffee Scrub is a hit amongst most of us! I was recommended this one by readers and beauty bloggers when I first started exploring this brand and when I got a chance to sample it I was hooked on to it and I went on to purchase the full size.

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The Nature’s Co: A Bad Customer Service Experience

Trust is like a broken mirror. Once it breaks it is difficult to put it back together. I know I’ve started off on a very serious note but it is important in this context of selling products close to the expiry date to customers.
A few days back I had a store review on The Nature’s Co and I had mentioned that the customer service was excellent. Guess what! It turned out sour later on. Read on to know why.