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The woman of today is truly a Diva, what with being an amazing multi-tasker and having to handle the entire rigmarole of work while dealing with the cornucopia of family and home commitments. There isn’t anyone more deserving than this Diva, of a little pampering, a little luxury, and plenty of Me-time. This is where Divassence! comes into your lives.

Ladies, we hope to give you everything you need, to help you as you walk the extra mile to doll-up, to look great and feel great, every day of every month of every year! With a wide range of stuff, from make-up ideas and product recommendations, to simple cooking tips and dressing styles; from ideal colour sync options to intriguing trivia, from do-able craft ideas to Diva stories, we have it all lined up for the Diva in you!

Watch this space for an exciting journey into the world of make-up, dressing, accessorizing and all things creative to make you the Diva you truly deserve to be!

The Diva behind Divassence!Deepika Mohan - Editor Divassence

For Deepika, an Economics Graduate from Chennai, India, Divassence! happened by accident. She believes in living life to the fullest and explores every opportunity to showcase her creative side. Makeup was one such avenue that she chose to explore and here she is to share everything she knows, along with a few like-minded people on Divassence!



Our Team!

Kirthi Jayakumar, Editor/Content Contributor :Kirthi Jayakumar - REF - Divassence
Kirthi Jayakumar is a lawyer, writer and activist. She founded the Red Elephant Foundation and A38, and is the author of Stories of Hope. When not pretending to work, Kirthi spends her time between eating and reading, sometimes mistaking books for food. She writes for Divassence on lifestyle, health and finding quick fix tips to looking good!





Janani Comar, Content Contributor :Janani Comar
Janani Comar is a software professional with a passion for everything but programming. She finds passion in everything viz. music, books, cooking, pets etc. Her best moments in life were spent with her sister on bike rides, exploring the streets of Bangalore trying various food and handicrafts.
Beauty blogging happened by accident, when she was googling for a product review and came across a different world occupied by normal people. One such search led her to Divassence and her instant connection to Deepika made her decide this is where she wants to be. Her writing reflects her flair for dramatics, her zeal for life and humour in everything.

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