Lush Henna: Caca Noir: Tutorial and Review

You must be thinking I’m crazy to post anything related to Lush since they’ve discontinued operations in our country but hey! you will thank me when they return to India for this was one thing I searched and searched for online and couldn’t get much information on. Presenting, how to use Lush henna!! Errr.. Yeah nothing new but then how do you use something that comes in the form of a bar? Use it like a solid shampoo? Scrape your head with it? Stare at it with a confused look and regret spending 1k on it? Well, here I am to show you how to use it after doing all of the above! 😀


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Lush Hair Doctor: Review

Being a complete Lush addict, I cannot leave the store without reassuring myself that a black container with 100 gms of a product belongs to me 😀 When I went to the Lush store in Chennai, I decided to pick up “The Hair Doctor”. Although my curly hair seems so perfect on the outside I have a small issue which I’ve been “itching” to share with you guys! (pun intended!)
I have dandruff which isn’t severe. Mild dandruff, minuscule in size here and there (the hairstylist in the salon called it “dust dandruff” :P) thanks to my scalp which has turned oily this summer! 🙁 So I’ve been trying to get rid of it but whatever I do it seems ineffective so in a final attempt to get rid of the dandruff I bought this! Did it work for me?? Read on to find out!

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