Makeup Handbook: Primer Prepping

What is a primer?
A primer simply means a specific kind of cream or lotion that is applied on the face before another cosmetic is used. The purpose of a primer is to ensure that the amount of time for which the other cosmetic lasts on the face remains long enough. There are specific kinds of primers for different kinds of cosmetics: foundation primers, eyelid primers, lip primers, and mascara primers.

My Tryst With Bridal Makeup

Well, this being the 600th post on Divassence I had to write about something really special. I had asked for suggestions and the one I chose from them was my first ever experience at bridal makeup. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will be writing posts based on all the suggestions given so thank you once again 🙂
I had attended one of my closest friend’s wedding in Bangalore. Before I reveal her name, here is a picture and I am sure most of you who read this blog regularly would have already guessed who I’m talking about!