Makeup Trend Alert!: Is Strobing the new Contouring?

Thank you Instagram and Youtube videos for giving us news on latest trends just when we start to master the previous ones.

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Strobing is the new contouring! So what exactly is strobing?

Strobing is the synonym of highlighting. Yes, you read it right. It is nothing but highlighting with a cream or a liquid product to give you an illuminated, ‘glow from within’ look. So what’s all the fuss about you may ask. Read on!

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Why do we use a highlighter?

A question that is asked many times by people who have no clue about makeup. A highlighter is used on the highest points of your face like cheekbones, browbones, down the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow. This is where the light would naturally hit your face and using a highlighter would give an illuminated glow when the light falls on these highest points. Sounds dreamy and surreal doesn’t it?

Usually contouring and highligting, atleast till now were a hit pair like strawberries and cream so that a chiselled face is complemented with a beautiful glow and highlighted features. Strobing is ONLY.. errrr….strawberries sans cream.. which means only highlighting. Well, for those of you who contour like there is no tomorrow, brace yourselves, this trend is here to stay.

Strobing involves using your cream or liquid highlighter on the following areas on your face:

  • Inner corner of your eyes
  • center of your forehead
  • cheekbones
  • browbones
  • chin
  • down the bridge of your nose
  • cupid’s bow
  • just below the hollow of your cheeks (I guess this is done to give an illusion that the hollows are darker which in turn brings in the contoured effect – using some common sense here, I might be wrong though!)

Why is strobing being talked about so much of late?

Well, in my opinion it requires much less time than contouring. It just involves patting on some highlighter (choose one which is not too glittery and is easy to apply) and dab on a few areas on the face with your fingers or brush. You can get away with using very light makeup combined with strobing and it would be a minimal, natural yet dewy, illuminating look.

Personally I love this technique and have been applying it in my everyday makeup routine using MAC Hush for the past few days. Well, I’ve been getting compliments on how my face is glowing so it is definitely a hit in my books.

Will strobing work for any skin type?

I have extremely dry skin so strobing works for me. So if you have normal to dry skin, then this technique will work for you. If you have oily skin, this might just make you look greasy so my two cents of advice to you is to skip it.

Here are a few videos that break down the technique for you:

Oh and by the way, I just purchased the Strobe cream for a very special event that is coming up. Let’s just say the price almost gave me and my special someone a stroke. Get it? Strobe-Stroke.. BWAHAHAHAH

Let’s get strobin’!