New Year 2016 haul feat. MAC, The Body Shop and Lakme

Hola amigos!

How is the first week of 2016 coming along? Mine has been good so far and I have made complete use of the various sales happening around!

New Year 2016 Makeup and Skincare Haul

Sale is not an excuse to shop.  I did buy makeup and skincare from brands I love and which I know I’ll actually use. I did buy clothes as well but those are just basic and boring stuff so they aren’t included in this post. “Dear boring outfits of mine, you aren’t invited to the party”

New Year 2016 Haul - The Body Shop and MAC

The Body Shop is a brand I love. I use the body butters and the body washes on a regular basis and the bath gloves are a staple in my shower. You can read my review of the bath gloves that double up as an exfoliator here.

I decided to give the hand creams a try this time and I ended up buying three of them, two from the Holiday range, Glazed Apple (not pictured here) and Frosted Cranberry and one from the regular range as well at 50% off.

The Body Shop Shea Butter Hand Cream

I also bought the Frosted Cranberry bar soap since it was on sale. I start getting curious about things (which I don’t even look at otherwise) when they are on sale. Do any of you do that as well? Pick up new things which you wouldn’t otherwise buy, on sale?

The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Range Haul, Review

I also bought three pairs of the bath gloves since there was a ‘Buy 3, get 15% off’ offer. I bought one for myself (a backup since I’m currently using a pair), a pair for my mom since she was so curious to give it a try and one for my fiance. I made him jump on the ‘get exfoliating!’ bandwagon as well.

If there is one body mist that I love, it is The Body Shop’s Vanilla Body Mist. The sweet scent of vanilla is my absolute favourite. I paid full price for it but in the end, I did receive a discount since I have a TBS Membership card.

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist Haul, Review

  • Handcreams: MRP: 495 INR each; Discounted price: 247 INR each
  • Bath Gloves: MRP: 395 INR (3 pairs: 1185 INR) Discounted price of 3 pairs together: 1007.25 (not much of a discount but still worth it!)
  • Vanilla Body Mist: 795 INR
  • Frosted Cranberry Soap: MRP: 295 INR; Discounted price: 147.50 INR (the most expensive bar soap I’ve ever bought)
  • Member Discount for Vanilla Body Mist: 79.50 INR

Now moving on to makeup, I wanted to make use of the ‘Back to MAC’ programme and what better way than on 1st Jan! Now for those of you who do not know about the Back to MAC programme, allow me to enlighten you because you will definitely thank me for this later. If you have SIX MAC products that have either expired or you’ve finished using, you could take the six product containers and return them to MAC for a lipstick of your choice.

I had twelve such products which had either expired or nearly finished. I bid them a teary farewell at the MAC store and picked up these two babies in exchange! The ones I picked were Ruby Woo (which I hadn’t picked up till now since I wanted to get it only before my wedding) and Amorous. I am so pleased with my choices! *chillin’ like a villain*

MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Amorous lipsticks

And.. finally day before yesterday, I “invested” in my first ever MAC base product! Eeeep! Sneha, a good friend of mine and a travel blogger wanted to buy MAC Studio Fix and I was to only accompany her on this expedition. I had no plan of shopping for myself since I had already shopped quite a bit on New Year’s.

@sneha.m5 you are a bad influence on me girl! 🙈 #friendsforkeeps #haul #spendthatmoney

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Unfortunately, my love for makeup took over my senses and as soon as I entered the MAC store, I picked it up as well. While it broke my heart to spend so much on MAC Studio Fix, I did console myself by saying it is an investment for my wedding makeup. *stares at an empty wallet*

I also bought two of the new additions to the Lakme Eyeconic Range. Royal Blue and Turquoise. I couldn’t find Regal Green anywhere. That was such a bummer. Anyway,  I will be posting swatches of these two soon.

That’s it for now! Do let me know which one you would like me to review first and if you’ve tried any of these products, let me know your experience as well! Oh.. And if you have shopped during this sale season let us know what you’ve bought!