Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel: Review

There are times like Monday mornings when taking a shower and getting ready for work can be a mammoth task. Well, if I could, I would ask work and other menial things to take a hike and sleep through the day but unfortunately no one pays me for sleeping. So I try and find things that would “motivate” me to take a shower and head to work. One of those money-can-buy motivators is the Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel. 
Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel: Review

Description as given on the official Bath and Body Works site: 
Wash your way to softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E combine with skin-loving Shea Butter in our most irresistible, beautifully fragranced formula!
Key Fragrance Notes:
The sweet indulgence of sheer florals, vanilla absolut & sandalwood
Top Notes: Intoxicating Vanilla, White Orchid
Mid Notes: Vanilla Tonka, Sparkling Sugar, Fresh Coconut, Fresh Jasmine
Dry Notes: Warm Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Bean, Creamy Sandalwood
Price: $12.50 for 88 ml

Packaging: The shower gel comes in a plastic bottle and the colors used on the label reflect the idea behind “warm”. The bottle has a press top cap through which the shower gel is dispensed.
Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel: Review

The fragrance is AMAZING!! If you love the scent of vanilla, then you would want to drench yourself in this particular body wash because it smells that good!! The sugary sweet scent is fairly strong and I personally find it to be a match made in heaven for me! Every morning, I alternate between The Body Wash Brazil Nut Shower Gel and this one and both seem to be on par, in terms of fragrance.
 If there is one negative I have to point out, the fragrance does not last for a long time which is a bummer. Again, that may vary from person to person but on me it lasts for approximately 2 hours. 
Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel: Review

When it comes to things apart from fragrance, this one scores well! The shower gel is of a neither-liquid-nor-gel like consistency. It lathers well and gives you a clean (but not squeaky clean) feeling after use. I find a few body washes difficult to wash off and despite efforts, a slick oily feeling is left behind which I absolutely detest. This body wash, thankfully requires minimal efforts to wash off and when used with The Body Shop exfoliating gloves, it is heaven!! 
This particular body wash moisturizes to a certain extent but isn’t as moisturizing as I expected it to be (looks can be deceiving!!) but that isn’t something that would stop me from repurchasing it. 
Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel: Review

What I like: 
  • The sweet vanilla fragrance
  • Lathers well
  • Easy to wash off
  • Gives a clean feeling after use
What I dislike: 
  • The staying power of the fragrance 
Rating: 4.5/5
Final Word: One of the better shower gels available, the Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel would transport you to the land of heaven!!