The Body Shop Bath Gloves: Review

There have been several times when the bathroom door has been literally broken by the others in the house because of the time I take to bathe. I really can’t blame myself, given the awesome body washes and tools available these days that make me want to extend my routine which is usually less than ten minutes. Now here is the latest addition to my so called bathing tools which make my otherwise monotonous bathing routine the best few moments in a day. 

The Body Shop Exfoliating Bath Gloves, priced at 350 INR for a pair come in different colors (pink coral which looks more like a bright orange, an olive green, white, light blue and lavender were the ones I saw at the store) and I bought the lavender one (of course!! the pictures make it quite obvious)

Regular exfoliation helps get rid of flaky skin caused by dead skin cells. For those of us with dry skin, regular exfoliation is necessary and these exfoliating gloves do their work well.  This pair of gloves turn any regular body wash into something as effective as a body scrub. And I would say the gloves are a smart investment considering it needs replacement only once in 6 months (maybe even a year if you don’t use them on a regular basis).

The gloves are made of nylon which are woven and meshed in such a way that the entire process of exfoliation isn’t as harsh in reality as it sounds. On first glance the textured gloves may look a little rough but once its wet and ready for use, it is a lot softer on the skin which makes it suitable for regular use. The lather from the body wash also increases manifold.

The gloves are elastic in nature and comes in one size based on the concept that one size fits all. The nylon threads which have been used to make the gloves are elastic and so it fits comfortably and makes bathing a delightful thing to look forward to.

There is a loop at one end of each glove which makes it convenient for the purpose of hanging it in order to let it dry after use.

Using these gloves leave my skin feeling healthy. It also gets rid of dead skin completely which gives a clean feeling which I usually don’t get after using only a regular body wash.

Final Word: For those of you with dry skin, this is definitely worth the money and will do wonders for your skin. For the others, investing in one isn’t a bad idea considering you might be needing these in winter!