The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel: Review

As a child whenever my brother and I were given our shares of strawberries to eat, I would not only eat mine but with a sly smile steal his and eat it with a lot more joy!*Guilt-free pleasure* 😉 Anything with strawberries drives me nuts! And here is a strawberry body wash I’ve repurchased so many times and will do so…. forever.

The Body Shop’s Strawberry Shower Gel is one of my favourite shower gels. I’m more of a shower gel girl. I’m not too fond of soap bars so after the Palmolive Lavender Body Wash this one has been my most re-purchased body wash.
Price: 340 INR
Qty: 250 ml
Packaging: A transparent bottle with a flip open cap.

The invigorating scent is so addictive that sometimes I use “bathing twice a day” as an excuse to use this. The scent lingers on for a really long time!;)  I work in a school and let me tell you this scent stays despite all the running around I do!

The body wash  lathers well and comes off easily (unlike some bodywashes which leave behind a thin film which I find annoying 🙁 ). It doesnt make me feel squeaky clean either.  It doesn’t make my skin dry which I consider the most important aspect.

The packaging is pretty sturdy but I personally wouldn’t recommend carrying shower gels while travelling (think about leakage, messy clothes, spoilt makeup and a ruined trip; :P).

Final Word: This is a must have for all of you who love strawberries (who doesn’t??). But be sure to stock it up during the sale instead of paying 340 bucks which is a little expensive for a body wash!!