Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator: Goddess: Review/swatch/FOTD

The first time I heard the adjective “sun-kissed” I was so curious as to what it meant. Really, if the sun kisses your face like even as a light as a feather’s touch, you would be scorched!! So why sun-kissed?? Well, least to say the term brought out the sarcastic, not so nice side of me and I used to laugh whenever I read the term anywhere! But.. (Of course ever story has a but!!) there was one product that led me to appreciate the term “sun-kissed” and made me fall in love with what it actually meant! (Note: never take any adjective in a literal sense!!)  Meet Goddess, a liquid illuminator that taught me that being sun-kissed isn’t as bad at it sounds at all! Oh and here is the actual meaning of this adjective: place that receives a lot of sunor a person whose appearance is attractive because they have recently been in the sun. Hmmm… Attractive, Goddess, Sun-kissed.. Seems like a win-win situation here!

Price: £5.29 for 30ml

Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminators are available in two shades: Empress and Goddess

Packaging: I love the classy packaging! The liquid illuminator comes in a frosted glass bottle and a matte black cap. There is a spatula type applicator attached to the inside of the matte black cap which according to me is a better and efficient way of taking out the product and there is minimum wastage.

In terms of how the product works, you can use it as a highlighter on its own or mix a little with your foundation for an overall sun-kissed look.

There are minute golden shimmer particles which shouldn’t be a reason for concern since it  adds to the overall sheen when used and doesn’t stand out on the face as individual glitter particles.

In terms of consistency, it is a thick creamy liquid but you need to blend it real fast otherwise it dries up and it becomes difficult to blend. But that being said, you need a very very small amount of the product to achieve that amazing glow. If you use it to highlight your cheekbones I would suggest using a dense small stippling brush. That way the product blends evenly and doesn’t look patchy.

And the best part is yet to come.. Tadaaaa.. Errr… Well the good news is unlike a few other highlighters this one does not fade over time. If blended well, it gives you a natural glow and that stays throughout the day.

And here is the bad news. when I searched for this one on the Sleek website last night it was missing! Maybe it has been discontinued. You can try your luck on ebay.

I’ve used Goddess with Deborah Milano BB Cream as a base. I mixed both and the proportion of the liquid illuminator was not even 2% of the amount of the BB cream I used. i did not want to overdo it for a day look. Just the right amount of warmth and glow makes for a good skin day!!

Final Word: Goddess, my friend, is THE shortcut to achieve a faux healthy sun-kissed skin. I would highly recommend it and do not hesitate to get it if you spot it anywhere! You definitely won’t regret it!