Weekly Ramblings: Round 5

Finally after a 2 week(end) break I’m back with my usual weekly ramblings! And I’m going to start off with a horrible note. You’ll know why if you see my nails below.

The first ever time in my life I decide to pamper myself to a manicure at a salon this is what happens!! Look at the way the nail polish has been applied! And it was a beautiful Orly Matte nailpolish that stole my heart when I saw it! And notice how the nails have been filed and shaped in the first picture! Damn! I had a talk with the owner and actually taught the girl how to apply polish!! Urrrgh! And this happens to be one of the more reputed salons in the city! (A Shahnaz Husain franchise one!)

Ahh well! Even though it is the Brits Brands month on Divassence, how can we leave out all the new launches in the Indian market behind? So get ready to be bombarded with reviews and here is a sneak peek below! And come to think of it, being a blogger has also officially made me bankrupt! 😛

I had shared this on my facebook wall a few days back but I had to share this here! We’ve all heard of O.P.I. But have any of you heard of O.B.I??I couldn’t control my laughter when I saw this at one of the local stores here and these were nail polish remover wipes. I had to get them and each box was priced at 30 INR so got 3 instead of 1 for the super cute packaging and they work amazingly well!! They are extremely thin and you need only 1 of these wipes to remove even the most stubborn nailpolish from all 10 nails on your hand! It is an amazing product as such but couldn’t digest the fact that it is called O.B.I!! LOL 😀 😀

For those of you who read this only for the food section, let me tell you, I’ve unfortunately started exercising and dieting (a big joke according to people around me!!) to reduce weight before January. But when I saw a white chocolate cake at Eclair -The Patisserie at Express Avenue (ground floor, near the Inglot showroom) I had to break all the rules. See?? That’s why when I say I’m dieting my family makes fun of me! 😀 Well, it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. It wasn’t soft and moist like a few other cakes I’ve had before. And I wonder what a pink sprinkle was doing in between the chocolate ones…. 😀 😀

Finally last but not the least, I had to share a picture of this hibiscus with rain drops on one of its petal. It has been pouring in Chennai and I hate the weather at the moment! But when I saw this flower I was amazed at how beautiful it looked and had to click a picture and share it here! 🙂

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

How did your week go? Anything exciting? How is your weekend coming along?