Rant: ColourPop blush in Prenup broke my heart!

I have a rant post for y’all today. Nope. It isn’t one of those ‘it’s just the beginning of the week, where is the weekend?’ kind of post. It is a rant against my carelessness.


Well, hop on to my time machine and go back with me to the month of July. Note: usage of fancy-shmancy terms like “time machine” is just to entertain but the problem is for real peeps.

It was the month of my engagement and my aunt had agreed to bring few makeup products from the States which I was really looking forward to. Colourpop was one such brand that I had set my eyes on and she had ordered products for me and I was thrilled.

Now, obviously being a crazy makeup lover, I should have opened all the products and swatched them as soon as they had come. But the beauty blogger side took over the crazy girl side and I resisted opening things before they were photographed.

Giving priority to products that I was to use for my engagement, I clicked pictures of those and forgot about the rest. Well, last minute planning left me with little time for anything else.

Coming back to the present, last weekend it struck me that I had a few Colourpop to photograph and start using. Excited, I opened one of the blushers and…. well.. take a look at it yourself.

Colourpop Prenup blush swatch

Colourpop Prenup review

Looks fine right? Heck no!

Colourpop Prenup blush Review



I was so disappointed since the glue still seemed wet and the pan had come out. Nevertheless I consoled myself saying I would fix it. But… wait a minute.. what are those orange streaks on the blush??

Colourpop Prenup blush

Colourpop Prenup blush review and swatch

And to top it all off, the pigmentation of this blush was so so so so poor!!

That’s when it struck me that it was a defective product. Well, I really cannot blame anyone but myself for not checking earlier. Damn. But yeah, brands could be a little more careful while sending products and not send defective pieces since we pay with our hard earned money you know. I was completed devastated because this color, if it was not defective, it would been one of the very very few ‘sane’ blushers in my collection. The rest are all orange, bright pink, purple and colors you wouldn’t imagine putting on your cheeks.

Well, that ends my rant. By the way, did I just say I was engaged? Yes I am!! A detailed post on that coming up really soon (once I get my hand on the photos!)

For those who are concerned about how the rest of the products turned out to be, well, they were absolutely perfect. This blush was the black sheep. *shakes head in disapproval*