The Mystical Sunset: Eyemakeup tutorial

By Upasana (Entry #7)

Hi all 🙂
Today I will be doing a fantasy eye makeup, just another collection to my creative tutorial posts (I hope they’re worthy and pleasure to see?? ) I saw this video on youtube long time back, and I don’t exactly remember what keyword lead me to that video, but nonetheless it was a pleasure to watch the lady do a better version of what I’m going to do today, its not soo good in terms of blending or whatever, but its something I tried for the first time, so apologies if its not upto your expectations 😀 And I know not a lot of people are even going to try it, but if there are a “few” then please go through the tutorial 😉 its fairly simple 
Step 1 :- I started by applying a white eyeshadow base over the eye lid and under the eyes, to even out some redness, and also to help pop out the shadows.

Step 2 :- Apply a bright pink eyeshadow (any pink will do) along your upper lashes, and make sure to thicken it in the center of the lid, and thin on the both outer sides.
Step 3 :- Then using a medium sized fluffy brush blend in some orange colored eyeshadow (again any finish/hue will do) and blend it nicely all over the lid above the pink.
Step 4 :- Now using a bigger fluffy brush blend in some Purple with a hint of blue, and blend it all over the socket. This will help in creating an illusion of sunset, i.e. reddish/pinkish in the base, then orange in middle, and purplish-bluish on top.
Step 5 :- Then I made a custom eyeliner for myself using a copperish eyeshadow with a drop of duraline, and made spikes in no particular order , like sunrays using a thin brush (I used an artist brush).
Step 6 :- Then using a small flat brush, I applied a golden eyeshadow and blended in the spike’s inner corners to merge them with the whole scene. After that I lined my upper lashes with a blue pencil liner, and set it with a blue eyeshadow. 
Followed up with applying white eye pencil on waterline, tightlined my eyes with black kohl, applied mascara, and that’s it 🙂
I wanted to use some good dramatic false lashes, but unfortunately I don’t own a lot of lashes 🙁
Products used :-
  • NYX jumbo eye pencil – milk
  • Avon Color Trend Stackable color for cheeks – Ancient Rose (discontinued)
  • Orange, Purple, Blue eyeshadow – Sleek Acid-i-divine palette
  • Coastal Scents Mineral eyeshadow – West Indies Gold
  • Colorbar single eyeshadow – Copper crush
  • Jordana Easy liner for eyes – Sterling Blue
  • Inglot Duraline
  • Loreal Tru match concealer
  • Maybelline Colossal Kohl
  • Lashem Double Trouble Mascara
Godbless !! :-*