My Tryst With Bridal Makeup

Well, this being the 600th post on Divassence I had to write about something really special. I had asked for suggestions and the one I chose from them was my first ever experience at bridal makeup. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will be writing posts based on all the suggestions given so thank you once again 🙂
I had attended one of my closest friend’s wedding in Bangalore. Before I reveal her name, here is a picture and I am sure most of you who read this blog regularly would have already guessed who I’m talking about!

Lush Henna: Caca Noir: Tutorial and Review

You must be thinking I’m crazy to post anything related to Lush since they’ve discontinued operations in our country but hey! you will thank me when they return to India for this was one thing I searched and searched for online and couldn’t get much information on. Presenting, how to use Lush henna!! Errr.. Yeah nothing new but then how do you use something that comes in the form of a bar? Use it like a solid shampoo? Scrape your head with it? Stare at it with a confused look and regret spending 1k on it? Well, here I am to show you how to use it after doing all of the above! 😀


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Reader’s Request: My Hair Care Routine!: Part 1

Ghayu asked me about my hair care routine a few months back and she had been reminding me of it on and off and finally here it is! I am obsessed with my hair and I love my curls. My routine consist of store bought products and homemade hair packs and cleansers. So I thought I’ll do a two part post on my routine where the first part concentrates more on the store bought products. Read more