Katrina Parker Inspired Glam Smokey brown Eye makeup Tutorial

By Upasana (Entry #8)

Hi all 🙂

I was browsing to do a celebrity inspired makeup tutorial, and luckily “The Voice” gave me an idea to browse Katrina Parker, and I found this beautiful picture of her.
The image isn’t clear enough, but I can make out distinctly that she’s having a soft smokey eye makeup embracing her beautiful blue eyes, that also defines her eyes, and has a golden glittery eyeliner/eyeshadow just along her lashes. 

This is my rendition, and I may not have exact stuff going on around, but this is definitely more wearable if you’re shy to have any glittery eyeliner.

So lets start the tutorial ..
I started by priming my lids, and applying a white eyeshadow pencil all over my lid, and also just below my lashes.
After that I did role reversal, and defined my crease first, blended it properly to mark enough space for the main eyeshadow. If you aren’t fine with it this way, you can first apply the eyeshadow all over the lid and then define your crease.
Then using a flat brush, I packed on some champagne colored eyeshadow all over my lid and blended it with the crease. Also I highlighted the very inner corner with a pale cream matte eyeshadow, you can use any other finish to pop up your eyes.
Since I didn’t had any glitter golden eyeliner, I decided to add more definition to eyes using a black eyeshadow, and applied it along the lashes and smudged it to get a soft smoked look. I also mixed some black and brown eyeshadow and applied it close to the lower lashes to get some definition, but not too stark.
At last I filled in my waterline with a white eye pencil, applied mascara, highlighted my brow bone with an eyeshadow matching my skin, and that’s it 🙂
Products used :-
  • NYX jumbo eye pencil – milk (as base and kohl)
  • Bark (all over crease) , Taupe (on the lid) , Noir (on upper lashes ), Bark & Noir (on lower lashes), Noughat (to highlight inner corner and brow bone) – Sleek Au Naturel Palette
  • Lashem double trouble mascara
Hope you like it 🙂
Godbless :-*