The Diva behind Divassence!

Hi there!

My name is Deepika and I’d like to call myself the “writeful” owner of Divassence.

When I left a lucrative career to pursue writing seven years ago, I was sure about one thing. Pursuing what I was passionate about is important but making money doing what I love without compromising on my principles was equally important.

Both happened.

As an introverted and resourceful problem solver, diving into the root cause and taking time to think of various possible solutions is my approach to any issue. I believe in authenticity of information. That’s the route I take with respect to my writing and my blog as well.

Here are five things about me that is reflected throughout this blog:

  1. As an introvert I find it hard to open up in person but I pour my heart out on this blog. That’s what writing does to me. It brings out who I wish to be and what I want to share with the rest of the world.
  2. I have way too many ideas but my strive for perfection poses as a villian most of the time. If something is not perfect according to my standards, I start all over again. You would have noticed I’m not consistent with respect to posting and this is the reason why. I’ve learnt to lower my standards so hopefully consistent posting is a by-product of that.
  3. Technical knowledge isn’t my strength. So you may find it hard to navigate on this blog. I’m working on it. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to write to divassence@gmail.com.
  4. I don’t use fancy words in my articles. I keep it simple and conversational. If I have to read an article where I have to look up what the words mean then I simply click next. So you can put away that dictionary when you read posts on this blog.
  5. Following fashion trends blindly is a big no. I don’t believe in following the crowd. I firmly think each one has a unique style and you can adapt what’s trending to suit your style. It took me a long time to figure out what works for and what doesn’t and I’d like to help the readers of my blog with the same.

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About Divassence

There may be a million lifestyle blogs but why should you choose Divassence?

From product reviews to recipes – I share my experiences, and everything I write about on this blog are tried and tested. If something fails, you’ll be the first one to know. Why, when, how – you get all the details. You’ll not be forced to buy a product or blinded by fancy jargons. The purpose of this blog is to give you as much information as possible to make a decision for yourself.

Divassence was a happy accident. I started this blog as a journal to jot down my learning and share my experience when I first discovered makeup. Did I expect anyone to read it? No. Did I expect to get a job and switch careers because of my blog? Definitely no.

Welcome if you’re new and I hope you find the time you spend on Divassence to be a unmatched experience, and that you’ll come back for more.

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