Beekman’s COPA soaps: Review

I’m sure most of us in India wouldn’t have heard of this one! Or atleast I hadn’t till I was gifted two of these amazing handmade soaps by my mom’s friend’s  daughter-in-law (who is an American). I was surprised by how much she knew about India and our culture and heritage and I was equally amazed by her love for handmade soaps! She gave me two bars (I wish she had gifted me two different kinds of soaps instead of the same one.. grrrrrr :P) of COPA soaps and they were called ‘ Out of India’ which is maybe a take on the phrase ‘out of the world!!!’ . Out of India is a blend of patchouli, cardamom and hemp oil. There are 36 kinds of soaps available (with ingredients like grapefruit, oats, mango butter, lavender, tea tree oil, patchouli, vetiver, rosemary, ginger carrot and so on).

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