Nivea Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection lotion: Review

I’m an extremely lazy person. So lazy that I put away doing my own bed neatly. 😛 So a year and half back when girls of my age were so busy taking care of their skin and hair, I was busy ridiculing them and then when my hands and feet became dark and when there were patches of pigmentation on my face, realization dawned. For every woman, skincare should start in the 20s. And nothing is more important than sunscreen. And yes ladies, a sunscreen is a must during winter too!

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Nivea Fruity Shine in Pomegranate: Review

Imagine a shimmery sheen on your lips that smells good, looks dazzling and gives you plenty of moisture. That’s exactly what Nivea Promises in its Fruity Shine! I picked out the Pomegranate one, since most others like Strawberry seem to be the run-of-the-mill usual options. I don’t have too much experience with using lip balms and glosses, though I believe I could blindly say that this was one piece I totally loved!  Read more