Nivea Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection lotion: Review

I’m an extremely lazy person. So lazy that I put away doing my own bed neatly. 😛 So a year and half back when girls of my age were so busy taking care of their skin and hair, I was busy ridiculing them and then when my hands and feet became dark and when there were patches of pigmentation on my face, realization dawned. For every woman, skincare should start in the 20s. And nothing is more important than sunscreen. And yes ladies, a sunscreen is a must during winter too!

Here is one such sunscreen which is not only adequate in SPF but also non-sticky in nature.

With a SPF of 30 and UVA and UVB protection , the Nivea Sun Protection is a safe bet for our Indian winters. Usually during summers a sunscreen with a higher SPF is preferable. UVB rays are those which cause sunburns and UVA rays cause long term skin damages (premature ageing, wrinkles, skin cancer). It has a rating of PA++ and the more + signs mean more protection from UVA rays. As far as I’ve read, this system was put in place by the Japanese and is not approved by the FDA. Sunscreens which have the word “broad spectrum” are the ones usually approved by the FDA.

What Nivea claims:

Price: INR 199 for 75 ml

‘The Nivea Moisturizing Immediate Sun Protection’ has. impressed me in many ways. I have extremely dry skin and the moisturizers I buy are usually so heavy in terms of moisturization that it kind of leaves a greasy feeling which feels yuck and so do a few sunscreens. But this when blended does not leave a greasy feeling which is a huge plus. I usually apply this 15 minutes before leaving the house. It also has a fragrance which lasts for about 45 minutes after applying.

The sunscreen as such is, white non-sticky and creamy in consistency but is a little difficult to blend. It takes me an unusually long time to blend. Also in terms of price/quantity I found this to be expensive compared to other sunscreens.

The sunscreen works because tanning has considerably reduced with regular usage and it has become a staple in my morning skincare routine.

Final Word: In an extremely vibrant blue and yellow packaging, comes a sunscreen which, although is difficult to blend and low SPF factor (low considering summers in India!), is worth the money for its non-stickiness and effectiveness. Overall, I would definitely repurchase it again, next winter. 😉