Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream: Review/Swatch

Winter is here and say hello to dry chapped lips, dry skin and cold sores that have made a grand entry yet again this year. They have successfully made themselves the talk of the town this winter season and are the woes of many souls. Companies come up with products year after year to fight them and sometimes they are successful but most of the time, well, victory lies in the hands of the evil.  

Nivea’s lip butter range has been one of the few products that has been successful in battling dry, chapped, cracked (the list is endless!) lips. The strangest part is, although it is called lip butter it is multi-functional. And I love it. 

I have the Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream and needless to say, reading the name makes me hungry for a cookie filled with caramel or even a large tub of caramel popcorn would do!! *wistful thinking*

What the company claimsThe NIVEA Lip Caramel Cream is an aromatic treat for the lips. It comes in an innovatively designed tin uniting long-lasting moisture, trendy flavours and a unique lip care experience. The rich formula melts on the lips, restoring suppleness and adding a silky gloss.

Price: 189 INR for 16.7g/19ml

Packaging: Nivea Lip Butter comes in a flat circle shaped tin (basically the tub format which is used by various companies to house their body butters, lip balms and creams)

The lip butter looks very thick and unusable in the pan. It’s like wax when you take a little from the pan but once you do and apply it on your lips, it melts thanks to the warmth of the fingers and glides on easily. 

It is moisturizing and if you have extremely dry lips, it works best if you apply it once, leave it on for sometime, remove the dry layer and re-apply again. That way, the lips look smooth and feels moisturized all day! I usually apply a layer at night and brush off the dry dead layer the next day morning. It comes off easily and my lips remain soft all day! I reapply it for the glossiness. It is perfect for work where the air conditioner works in favor of dry chapped lips!! 

I had mentioned it is multi-functional right? Well, I use it as a cuticle cream and on sore patches and it works equally well! 

The ONLY con (wait.. there are two!!) I would point out with respect to the lip butter is that since it is thick, it tends to appear white on the lips. It’s like applying a BB Cream which leaves a white cast. The lip butter needs to be slowly worked in to the lips till the white layer disappears completely. Only then will you be able to step out of the house or layer a lipstick. The other con would be the tub packaging. 

Thumbs Up for: 

  • The quality; the lip butter is moisturizing and reapplication frequently isn’t necessary
  • The price. The quantity and quality for the price is bang on! 
  • The long term effect; The condition of my otherwise dry and chapped lips is slowly yet steadily improving with regular usage. 

Thumbs Down for: 

  • The white cast it leaves on the lips. 
  • The tub packaging. I hate it when I have to use my fingers, especially at work to apply something on my lips!! 

Rating: 4/5

Final Word: The Nivea Lip Butter is a must have this winter season (or otherwise!). It not only takes care of dry, chapped lips but is a multi-purpose product that is a boon for those of you who suffer from dry lips, cuticles and dry patches!! It is definitely a product that would be worth getting for it is a long term gain.

The Nivea Lip Butter was gifted to me by Janani for Diwali along with some other goodies! I love all of them and here is a picture of all the gifts! She also sent me a pair of diyas which we lit for Kaarthigai (festival of lights in the South). Thanks babe! <3