Eye makeup Tutorial: The Pink Lagoon

By Upasana (Entry #13)
Hi all !!
This tutorial is a result of random stupid strokes that were executed without any imagination or clue. Even I’m not much satisfied with the end result, but this usually happens when I just set my mind to do something, but lack of imagination gives out such results. But yes, anyways lets see ..
I used 3 base colors for it, 2 are pastel mattes, and 1 (I don’t know why) is pearl finish :-/
Step 1 :-
Using a flat angled brush, I made a distinct wing type shape using a coral color, covering most of the eye. Since the e/s are matte, it required patting to build up the color.
Step 2 :-
Then using the other side of same brush’s, I filled in the rest of the spot with a matte purple eyeshadow.
Step 3 :-
This was totally unwanted !! but yes since I did it, I ought to explain this too 😉 Using a flat brush, I made an outline just above the shape I made using a deep plumy-pink e/s. Its fairly simple, and you can make out any geometrical shape you want to.
Step 4 :-
Now just below the outline, I wanted to add some gradient, and using a fluffy brush I blended in some orange. I hope you can clearly see the color placement.
Step 5 :-
After that I using another flat angular brush I made a very light black wing just along my lower lashes, and extended it outwards.
Just to add some ‘tribal’  effect, I made some random streaks here and there, placed some rhinestones bindi. Filled in my waterline with a white kohl, finished up with a mascara.

Thanks for reading the tutorial, I mean it 😀 I know its not good !! but yea love u guys for being patient every time 😉 :-*