Avon Simply Pretty ColorLast Lipstick in Scarlet: Review, Swatches, LOTD

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is fine 🙂 This week seemed a very lengthy one for me, its just Wednesday, urgh! Anyway enough of cribbing, let me show you something to brighten up your Wednesday: a deep pink glossy lipstick named Scarlet! This one is very different from mauve delight, of the same range. Read on to know more.


Avon Simply Pretty ColorLast Lipstick in Mauve Delight: Review, Swatches, LOTD

Hello everyone!How are you all? It has been nearly a month since I wrote a review (blame my camera and laptop, they stopped working one after the other and I had to keep running to both the service centers. Sad stories aside, today I’m back with a lipstick review (yes, another lipstick, don’t glare at me, I’ll be take a break from writing reviews soon so this might be one of my last reviews for the next few months, you will know why in a few days ;)) so without further ado, lets move on to the review of Avon Simply Pretty ColorLast Lipstick in Mauve Delight 🙂

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch

Hellos! How are you all? Well, sorry about being MIA for a while now. There was plenty to do at work and I had made a short trip to Bangalore for Janani’s wedding. Now I’m back to doing what I love best, blogging. 🙂 

Today’s review is that of a product that has, I would say, disappointed me in various aspects and it is more of a rant post than an actual review. Read on to find out! 
Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream: N*de: Review/Swatch

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Avon Simply Pretty Colorlast Lipstick in Plumberry: Review/Swatch/LOTD

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had a great day! How did your new year celebrations go? Mine was pretty boring, the maximum I could do was stay up late, wish my best buddies and go back to sleep 🙁 No party, no songs, no dancing, no makeup, no special food *sigh* Anyway, let me not bore you all with my ranting, let’s move on to the product on the testing table (Do I sound like a chemistry professor? Gee thanks! :D), its Avon Simply Pretty Colorlast Lipstick in Plumberry!

My First Ever Attempt at Halloween Nail Art!

Halloween is a one day I look forward to every year. Not that we celebrate it here in India, but I do get a huge piece of cake and a lot of chocolates, courtesy my grandparents. We make it a point to celebrate the occasion because the day also marks my granddad’s birthday! 😀 and nope we don’t make fun of him just because he was born on this particular day.. well.. maybe just a wee bit.. Read more