Always in Fashion

No matter what day, age or era it may be, there are some outfits and accessories that never get old or outdated. Here’s a list of everything that makes the cut in that list.
The wedge
It doesn’t matter if you are short or tall. Wedge heels are a fantastic bet for anyone. Adding height, or defining your legs when you wear a short skirt, or just giving your legs a very toned look – wedges sure add value to your style!

No matter what you’re wearing – ethnic or western clothes – there is always room for earrings. Wear them as studs or perhaps some very intricately crafted chandeliers with stones if you’re dressing to look more sophisticated. For the ethnic look, filigree and silver look great, while plastic and beads look great with anything!
The denim jacket
Ubiquitous and a statement in itself, the denim jacket is a fantastic outfit no matter what season or time of day it is. Hiding waistlines, wearing a fitting jacket or one that extends just below your waist – your pick, and it will stick!
Knee-length shorts
Knee-length shorts look amazing on anyone. The key is to get the right prints to make it suit you. Checks, plain ones, denim, linen and cotton, cords, and even ones with floral patterns make for great outfits.
Ankle pants
Ankle-length pants make a great addition to any ensemble. For those that are short, Ankle length pants adds length – especially those with high waists. Wearing them in a dark wash makes you look thinner!
Wrap around, a-cut, flowing, umbrella, short, three-fourth, denim, pencil – anything! Skirts are a fabulous item that gives you a dash of feminine flavour while still upping the Bohemian or the sophisticated look!