Makeup Handbook: Primer Prepping

What is a primer?
A primer simply means a specific kind of cream or lotion that is applied on the face before another cosmetic is used. The purpose of a primer is to ensure that the amount of time for which the other cosmetic lasts on the face remains long enough. There are specific kinds of primers for different kinds of cosmetics: foundation primers, eyelid primers, lip primers, and mascara primers.

Airbrush In Style!

Quite like the name suggests, airbrush makeup is just makeup that is sprayed onto the skin directly, instead of using brushes, sponges and other equipment. Useful particularly for those in the limelight and those that are on the move, airbrush makeup is a perfect solution sometimes! The first ever time it was used was in 1959, in the film Ben Hur. With the advent of HD television and films, there is a greater demand for airbrush makeup.

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6 Weird Facials Celebrities Swear by (and why we find it gross)!

They say that you can’t look good without inflicting some kind of pain on yourself. And in my dictionary, that pain goes so far as threading my eyebrows or waxing my legs. (If you asked the kindly souls in the salon I head to, they might tell you that I’ve cut down their clientele by 50% by just screaming. And if you went to my dentist, he might tell you that I willingly prefer tooth extractions and root canals to threading my eyebrows).
So with that in mind, I didn’t think that the world of beauty treatments could go beyond this threshold of pain and weirdness. I mean, think about it, we’re the only species that decide that body hair is too ugly when it was created for our protection. Oh well, whoever said humans had sense?
And then: WHAM. I read this article that told me about some of the most creepiest and kookiest of facials, that involved putting anything from fire to your own blood (I know!) and from caviar (actually if I was that rich, I’d have bought Deepika her very own universe filled with all the make-up she likes!) to poop (YES. POOP. The thing that comes out of some creature. THAT.)
I’m not one to keep a good laugh to myself, so I’m willingly and happily sharing all that I read with you (read: why should I suffer alone?).