Airbrush It Up!

Liked the idea of splurging on Airbrush Make-up? Here’s a look at everything you need to know before you indulge yourself! 

Cost and availability: There are plenty of brands of airbrush makeup that are available across the counter and in leading salons across the country. The Sally Hansen range, Dinair, Sephora, Temptu, Bellocio, Tarte, Graftobian Glamaire, Victoria’s Secret and Larenim are some of the more popular ones. Airbrush makeup is a tad heavier on the pricing side – ranging anywhere between Rs. 2000 upwards for a single product, and going up to about Rs. 20,000 for a complete kit. The sad part is, though you wind up paying quite a bit and more in investing in the airbrush system, some of the kits need you to buy airbrush pods individually – which can actually wind up whacking your pocket silly. 

How to apply: The technique used in airbrush makeup involves a freehand application process that also involves a little manipulation of distance and strength of the air force to produce the desired effects and to cover maximum skin space. The most commonly used techniques involve using a circular motion and a forward-back motion while applying foundation. 

There are two common variants – dual and single action brushes that achieve results of a different kind when used. The use of a dual-action airbrush allows the user to control the airflow by pressing down the trigger with the index finger while drawing it backwards to pull air out from the compressor. As more pressure is applied on the trigger, more makeup is released. Dual action brushes work very neatly to use the air as a guide before make up is released through the nozzle, sometimes effectively drying up the makeup after it is applied. If you need to mix colours, makeup is mixed by letting in some amount of the air to flow back into the cup in a method called back-bubbling. 

On the other hand, a single-action airbrush is considered easier to use because pressing the trigger releases a specific proportion of makeup and air. The nozzle, though, needs changing for different details to be attained. Sometimes, stencils are made use of in order to assist the application of makeup to difficult areas such as eye-liners. For those interested in temporary body art and tattoos, stencils are also made use of to achieve that effect. 

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