More on Mineral Make-up: Cost, Availability, Basics and How to apply

Liked the idea of splurging on Mineral Make-up? I sure hear you! Here’s all that you need to know before you set off on your mission to find the best in the market for mineral make-up!
Cost and availability
Most brands of mineral make-up are available in many of India’s leading stores that stock make-up products. Everything from Revlon to Lancome, L’Oreal to bareMinerals are popular buys both online and offline in the Indian shopping milieu. The price range for mineral make-up products swing anywhere between Rs. 1,000 all the way up to Rs. 8,000, depending on the brand, kind and quantity of the product you are looking for. Nevertheless, there are also plenty of options of mineral makeup products that are sold abroad that can be shipped to India – although the shipping costs are phenomenally frightful – and have a proclivity towards being higher than the product’s charge itself.

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At the bottom line, the basic essential to the world of mineral make-up is that the products are entirely fluid free and are largely dry. This is in itself a mechanism that dispenses away with a plethora of harmful chemicals that are often found as preservatives. The bottom line is that mineral make-up is a lot more skin friendly than its counterparts in the world of non-mineral make-up products.
How to apply:
Applying mineral make-up can be a little different from the application of other forms of make-up. 
  • The first step one has to keep in mind always is to moisturise your skin before applying the make-up products. Mineral make-up sticks to your skin with the help of the natural oil in your skin. Naturally, if your skin is dry, the powder might wind up hanging on your skin as loose powdery flakes. Moisturise beforehand and allow the powder to settle in on your skin. 
  • The second thing one must keep in mind is that mineral make-up is not like liquid make-up in that you can spread it by hand. Use a fairly large brush to spread the make-up evenly and uniformly on your skin to attain a uniform tone and effect. 
  • Thirdly, it is important to ensure that you cover all the intricate spaces of your face – while a large brush is perfect in spreading the make-up across most of your face, the inferior brush is a must to cover the smaller and lesser prominent areas of your face. 
  • Fourthly, make sure to dust off (lightly, of course!) all the extra flakes of powder.

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A useful tip to keep in mind and remember always while applying mineral make-up is to ensure that you use the brush in a circular motion on your skin for an even tone. 
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