Ten big no-nos for Valentine’s Day dressing!

So you have an ensemble in mind. And you’re all up to making it the best you have ever donned. But wait a minute: are you doing this right? Here are 10 big time party-dressing no-nos.  

Do not stick with the herd. So you’re headed to a party that is likely to have many people dressed up in the latest trend. Keep off the beaten track and you’ll stand out!

Avoid a badly fitting dress. You don’t want something that clings to your body like a parasite – you should be able to move, breathe and be comfortable. Feeling comfortable actually makes you look good!


Avoid clothes that are too loose and flowing. Trust me, you don’t want to apologise for asking people to move so you can pick up your trail from under their feet!

Be shoe-wise: Don’t make the mistake of wearing shoes that can potentially kill your evening. You don’t want shoe bites and stings, and you want to be able to dance with moves that kill!

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Keep away from too much bling! Of course, shining and standing out at a party is all that, but you really need to keep away from being too shiny. They already have a disco ball and you don’t need to add to it, now, do you?
Keep your bags to a minimum, or at the very least, something small enough. You’re not catching a flight, buddy, so keep all that you need to the least!

Avoid solids and monotones: Unless you’re at a tea party or paying a visit to the queen, you don’t need to act all uppity with monotones and bold colours. Prints, patterns and enough sequins cam make a big difference.

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Flesh show ain’t no good! Keep your flesh showing to a bare minimum. No one wants to really see what your skin looks like.

Make up right! Don’t go with make-up that makes you look like you painted your face, and certainly don’t go without any that you wind up looking like a zombie washed ashore.

Dress appropriately! You don’t want to be the joke of the season, and you certainly don’t want to be the one to be talked about for the wrong reasons.

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