One Thing from History..

Boring black-and-white pictures, too many dates and unnecessary facts: That’s probably what you’re thinking when you read the title to my post. Hold your guns, lady – there’s fashion in those pages that I want to talk about! And if you’re already rolling your eyes about hats and bouffant hairdos and gowns, I’m not even making a case for that: I’m talking about the one diva that still holds sway over much of the fashion world: Audrey Hepburn.  


The impish actor had a grace like nothing before, and many of those we consider stylish today, may not quite even be able to hold a candle to that charm. The key to Audrey Hepburn’s style is to stay simple, basic, and using clothes that suited her best. You can look through most of her photos to quite clearly discern her style: she was never one to strut about looking like a vamp.
So borrowing a little from the leaves of Audrey Hepburn’s stylebook, here’s some essentials you can covet for a similar look!
The white shirt
Audrey wore a white shirt in the movie Roman Holiday. After this, it became a classic in women’s wear. The best white shirt is button-up, plain, and without embellishments. Audrey used to tie hers at the waist for a tiny look. It can be worn for work with a blazer thrown over it, worn with the sleeves rolled up for relaxing, or worn with a skirt and heels for a dinner outing.

The Kitten Heels!
Audrey’s heels were always short and elegant. Considerably tall, she didn’t have any need to accentuate her height. The kitten heels simply added to her elegance – and even makes for very comfortable wearing. Even medically, kitten heels have the safest height for wear!

Flat footwear
Audrey’s dream was to be a ballerina – and although she couldn’t quite achieve that, she imported much of that style into her everyday wear. The flats that she wore are a perfect mix for anything you wear: whether pants, skirts or dresses!




The Fitted Suit
Think Audrey Hepburn and the best of what she wore come to mind: the fitted suits! Rather chic, fitted suits work well when you mix and match them with a range of your other clothing pieces. You can achieve a very neat and layered look with a fitted suit!




The Little Black Dress

So you’ve scratched your head wondering where the LBD originated. All roads, here, ladies, lead to Audrey! Donning them with élan in both in the films Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey preceded the world with her stylish contribution that has stood its test and remained enduring in its importance as a fashion must-have to this day!

The Cat’s Eye Sunglasses
How many times have you seen yourself in the mirror with them? Cat’s Eye Sunglasses were virtually Audrey’s typical style. The glasses work best to bring out the impish and delicate charm that is inherent in every woman – no matter what you say!
So what are you waiting for? Go get HepBurned!