Drape Your Shape!: Part 1

If you haven’t already noticed ( 🙂 ) people come in all shapes and sizes. These differences are not something to sit back and crib about, or be envious about – because each of us has something about our appearances to celebrate about. In a two-part-post, I’m going to be taking you through how you can dress to suit your body type perfectly.
First, let’s try to figure out what the body types are.
Body shape types are entirely a product of your bone structure. This is inherent in you, and you cannot do too much to “change” this structure. So what you can do, is to capitalize on the features that are your strengths, and then draw attention away from the features that aren’t that strong.
So how do you determine your body shape?
Stand before the mirror either in your underwear, or in a perfectly form hugging outfit. Try not to have any loose clothes – not even something that fits comfortably – so that you can see exactly what your outline looks like.

And here’s the list of shapes from which you’ll find the one that you are!
The Pear Shape
The Pear Shape is rather narrow at the top, but quite wide at the bottom. This means you have rather large hips, and can tend to pile on kilos on your thighs.
The Inverted Triangle:
Converse to the Pear, this shape represents broad shoulders, and the body tapers down towards the bottom, narrowing down into a triangle.
The Pencil Shape
A neat rectangle of sorts, your shoulders and hips are not disproportionate to each other, and make perfectly compact parallel lines of equal length. Your waist draws right down to your hips in straight lines.
The Hourglass
The body resembles an hour glass, as the waist lines narrow down to come close from the shoulders downwards, and then widen out to join your hips.
The Apple
Exactly the opposite of the hourglass, the waist lines widen outwards from your shoulders downwards, and then narrow down after a point to meet your hips. Diamond shapes have a typically have a large high sitting stomach.
Dressing for each shape
The Pear
Try accentuating your features by balancing your hips and shoulders. Accentuate the upper half of your body with bright colours and bold prints, and use shirts or blouses with very detailed necklines. While using pants, use layered tops, or lengthy tops to draw attention from your hips. Use flared skirts instead of pencil skirts.
The Inverted Triangle
Use vertical lines to take attention away from your shoulders. Avoid tight pants and layered tops, as it accentuates broad shoulders. Try cowl necks, Chinese Collars and perhaps simple collars to avoid a broad scoop. Use long stripes and monotones to accentuate length.
The Pencil
Try creating an illusion of curves in your figure. Use scoop necks and sweetheart necks, and tie your waist with belts. Use ruffles, collars and tie-ups to accentuate your bust, and go crazy with layers!
The Hourglass
Use a lot of V-necks and knee length dresses, using dresses with defined waistlines rather than relying on belts. Shoulder bearing halters and deep scooped sleeveless outfits will be a great option, as it can draw attention away from your hips sufficiently. Pencil skirts and fitted jackets, denims and tees and flared skirts will work great!
The Apple
The apple works well with elongated tops. Use boat-necks and scooped necks to glide to your body type well. Don’t use very tight or very loose clothing, and use a lot of belts and ropes, to define your waist. Use monotone colours, and opt for tapered pants.