Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons Why People Go For Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery which was once done by people who really needed it either because of a skin damaging accident or had some major appearance issues, has now become the hottest fashion trend. The amount of popularity gained by cosmetic surgery in the current times is really massive. So many of us are not happy by the way we look and are constantly trying to achieve something bigger, something better than we have actually got. All this leads to desperation which is compelling people to go under the knife. So, what is it that is making people go through such a big change in their bodies.

Here are some reasons as to why plastic surgery is now being performed so frequently.

Unhappy With Body Image

These days everybody wants to look their best. And what is most common with people today is that they have built mental images and pre conceived notions about the way they should look in their heads, seldom realizing that what makes them look their best is a smile and their confidence. So naturally they become too critical of how their nose should be or crib that probably their lips should be more luscious and full or their fingers should appear more shapely and artistic. As a result they try to improve their body parts as they desire by the means of plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is one of the most surgeries which people go for.

Trying To Ape Someone

The media and the television plays an equally important role in highlighting the trend of plastic surgery because they keep flashing news about the celebrities and models who have fabulous looks and well sculpted bodies which are to die for. So, this perception has crept into the minds of the common man that if they do not possess the same kinds of bodies then they are good for nothing and it affects their attractiveness and makes them seem less desirable. Fore example, a size zero female is given undue importance by the media than the stockier one. Or females with well developed breasts and hips are tagged as truly feminine and therefore desirable, in comparison to the females who are leaner or look more athletic. So in order to emulate those looks, many people become ready to go under the knife.

Wish To Please Others

Sometimes feeling unappreciated or in order to gain wider attention from people is also a huge reason that leads to the decision of going through plastic surgery. Let us say that a young girl does not get the kind of attention from her male peers in school or at a group class that other girls of her age get. This would make her wonder what is it that is drawing the boys to those girls and not her, and she would eventually come down to a conclusion that she probably needs to look like them in order to please the boys.  Similarly in many such cases when people are trying to make others happy by losing faith in their individuality, is then that plastic surgery gains brownie points.

Recover Pregnancy Side effects

We all know that pregnancy could lead to a lot of side effects which make your body undergo several changes and which in turn affects their bodily appearance. And their job is not over just by giving birth to the baby, they go through a considerable amount of lactation period as well. Women could constantly find it hard and heart breaking to see their sagging breasts stretch marks on their tummy, thighs and hips. When they no longer get to wear what they want and even do not feel confident about the way they look in the bedroom, they feel like getting a new lease on their body by getting rid of the old skin which has been flawed and scarred. Plastic surgery then seems to be their savior to them.

Cellulite Due To Weight Loss

Succumbing to the yoyo diets or over exercising leads to sudden weight loss which is not considered to be healthy for the body as the skin expands or contracts suddenly causing stretch marks. Many of the people believe that cellulite, once formed never goes hence they decide to change their bodies by getting a new skin on that area.

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