Dressing Cleverly

So I told you how important it is to dress yourself according to your body shape. But, it’s also true that that can get terribly monotonous and boring. You might like a dress you saw on someone else, and perhaps hope to wear it, too. Which is all perfectly fine, because ah well, we’re humans, aren’t we?So here are 3 way to still be able to dress in an outfit that doesn’t necessarily flatter your shape, but will look good!

It’s all in the colours!
Monotones are good for everyone. Pick a continuing outfit with one colour, and use accessories to highlight the ensemble. If you’re looking to add height, make sure that you use vertical stripes. If you’re looking at adding a little width, go for horizontal stripes.

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Boot cut, Baby!
It doesn’t matter what our shape or size – boot cut jeans are perfect for everyone. If you’re heavy on the waist, get boot cuts with massive flares so it takes away from your hips. If you have skinny legs, get yourself a decent flare so it adds volume to your figure! For those with the hourglass, the boot cut is an extension of your figure!

Layer and Structure
Use layers and structured fabrics to hide your imperfections. Crisscross if you want to cinch in your middle. Use shrugs if you want to draw attention from wide hips. Wrap a belt if you want to take attention away from broad shoulders. If you’re rectangular, use a waistband or a belt to cinch up the centre.

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Three simple techniques: but three magical results! Tell me what you think