Fix your outfit at short notice!

You get a quick call and you need to be somewhere looking neat. You simply aren’t prepared! But your hair’s a mess, your skin is in rebellion mode and let’s not even get started on the lack of an outfit. Fret not, we have some simple pointers that can help you fix your look in a few!

The wet-hair look: No matter how bad a hair day you might be having, the wet-hair look is always the perfect option. Get under the shower and wash your hair quickly with a good anti-frizz product. Leave in some conditioner, rinse and take a towel and pat your hair dry enough to take the dripping water out. Once out of the shower, use a leave in product or serum to preserve the wet curls and you’re set.
Make-up! Use a liquid foundation with a slightly dampened sponge on your face and apply it evenly to conceal all your scars and let your skin shine through it. Use kohl for your eyes and sheer gloss for your lips, and dab a slight dash of blush onto your cheeks and temples. You’re good to go!
Suit-up! Last minute dashes are hardest when your outfit remains a bit of a riddle. You haven’t a clue what to wear and much of your wardrobe is warming benches in the laundry basket. Your surest shot is to pull on black pants and team it with anything from your wardrobe: remember, black pants are always the easiest base to work with, and they go well with anything!
Accessorise: Get a watch on, pull on a pair of shoes that fit snugly and grab a big bag – your accessories are already in place! 
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