10 Tips for a Hassle-free Salon Experience + My New Haircut :D

Recently I got my curly locks chopped off!Why? Because the heat was killing me an my poor hair was turning dry and limp so I had to get my hair cut and it isn’t easy maintaining decently long,thick curly hair when you are a school teacher!


So I went in for the usual one which I always get done: A layer cut for the hair at the back and feather cut in front. It took me a long time to find out what kind of a haircut would suit me and I’ve gone through major disasters in the name of “experimenting”.


I wanted to list out a few things which I personally do when i go to a salon for any treatment/service. It not only helps me have a wonderful salon experience but also a peaceful/worry-free one.

  1. Do a thorough research of the salons in your city preferably your area and find out the one people recommend the most. To check a quality of a salon get a pedicure done. That will reveal it all 😉
  2. Book your appointment for services (other than eyebrow threading of course!!) so that you don’t have to wait and waste time.
  3. Carry your own towel. Incase you are unsure of the cleanliness of the towels ask them to use yours.
  4. Carry your own comb. Make sure your stylist/hairdresser uses your comb to style your hair. I personally don’t like the stylist using the salon comb on my hair. I had asked my stylist what combs she might need to style my hair and she recommended a few combs which i might need and I bought those.
  5. Carry a sunscreen with you if you are getting a facial done. Ask the beautician to apply the sunscreen on your face once you are done with the facial.
  6. Be aware of the different kinds of haircuts. When stylists use technical terms you don’t understand ask. It is very important to clarify your doubts before proceeding with any treatment/haircut.
  7. If you regularly go to a particular parlor and you find a stylist who you trust stick to that person. Do not compromise when she/he isn’t available. Otherwise you might only be worried and not enjoy or relax during the service.
  8. While going for a haircut ask the stylist what she/he recommends. at the same be very specific on what you want especially with respect to length. If you want a haircut which adds volume to your locks ask your stylist. List down what you want and based on that the stylist would recommend something to you.
  9. This one is also with respect to getting a haircut. Ask your stylist different ways of styling your hair after getting your haircut. I’ve had a bad experience earlier when I got my hair cut and it was styled beautifully by the stylist. Later when I washed my hair I did not know how to style it! It was a nightmare!
  10. While getting your hair cut, DO NOT read magazines or tilt your head in any direction. If the stylist asks you to look down do it! That ensures an even haircut. Also if the stylist recommends products to use ask him/her for some time and do a thorough research on how good it is and then buy it.
So these are a few tips I wanted to share with you. Hope it was helpful and do leave your ideas in the comments section too! Oh! and what do you guys think of my haircut?? 😉