Christmas home decor tips!

Upholster without restraint: The simplest way to redecorate your house while keeping your heavy furniture intact is to get the upholstery changed to suit seasonal needs. Think cushions and throwaway pillows in basic and different shades of red, generously dotted with a choice of greens, and a smattering of gold or silver.

Jazz up your lamps! Fit your living space with lamps that can have their shades switched regularly according to seasonal tastes. Red shades with a green ribbon tied, or tassels and little spangles and Christmas ornaments can bring your lamps to life!
Change that Picture! Nothing creates an ambience like a picture on your wall. Get yourself a beautiful painting or poster inspired by Christmas and let it be the star of a bare wall!
Bring out the nostalgia! The easiest way to keep your decor season-updated is to use nostalgic, holiday-season memory trinkets. Bring out your picture frames and jazz up your space with memories brought to life! 
Accessorise! Christmas would be nothing without the accessories – be it the tree or the baubles, the mistletoe or the socks and presents. Complement your space with rugs, comforters and carpets. If you’re in a windy place, a couple of wind-chimes placed strategically beside open windows and balconies will work wonders.
Overall, winter – even if you’re in superwarm Chennai – is a time to bask in the quietness. Here are a few pointers to make that happen:
  • Keep your space cosy and warm. 
  • Jazz up your space with lights indoors – extra table lights, floor lights and even Christmas lights. 
  • Keep your furniture bulky, and throw on a lot of rugs and comforters

How are your Christmas preparations going on? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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