Decking up for Christmas!

Red, green, white, gold and silver.
Think of Christmas and these will definitely be the colours on your mind. Wherever you may be in the world, the ubiquitous charm that Christmas has always held for humankind is encapsulated in these colours. Seasonal splurges aren’t exactly the best idea if you want to remain fashionable every day of the year, so here are some quick fix ways to ensure that you keep in tune with the season’s demands while still being pocket-friendly.

In bursts and spurts: Given that the season is a bit dull, you can stick with monochromes for your main outfit, and accessorise in a burst of colour. Think of jumpsuits, denims and sweatshirts for your main outfit, and add a bit of colour through earrings, scarves, boots/shoes and headbands and hats.

Lace it up! White snowflakes are best recreated through lace. Use lace that you can attach and detach to your clothing at whim – lining your pockets, the hemline of your pants and sleeves, and even your collars. Try not to go overboard though, you don’t want to look like Ron Weasly trying to dress for the Yule Ball!


Silver Jewellery! Nothing makes a delicate statement for Christmas than trinket-like jewellery crafted with beautiful craftsmanship. With an ethereal charm that unfolds without much effort on your part, silver jewellery works very well with anything you wear. Just keep the jingling out of the way – you don’t want people thinking that you’re Santa!


Red and Green: Everyone owns something red and something green in their wardrobes. If you don’t, you seriously need to take stock of everything you own and indulge in the right stuff. Team your reds and greens – but be sure not to go overboard (Red pants look nice on Rajnikant, but everyone else needs to wear it right to compliment the entire ensemble!) Jazz up your reds with a simple dose of green, and vice versa.

What are your plans for this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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