Tips To Save Your Skin This Monsoon!

By Kirthi Jayakumar

Want to shine through monsoon with skin as radiant as the sun? With the hike in rain and the receding 
temperatures, your skin can take a beating and tend to become dry. But don’t fret, because come monsoon, and here we are with a few ideas to help you get that shiny skin!

  • Make sure to regularly cleanse your skin in order to keep it looking fresh and healthy. 
  • If you already have dry skin, keep it hydrated and nourished. Use a strong moisturiser, and if need be, make sure to use it about two or three times in a day following a quick wash. 
  • If you have oily skin, you’re probably pretty safe when it comes to avoiding dryness. But this doesn’t leave you carefree: your skin is susceptible to dirt and dead skin accumulation. Use a good scrub to cleanse your skin and ensure that you exfoliate well. Follow it up with a good toner. 
  • Rains can wreak havoc with a dehydrating effect on dry skin and an excessive-hydrating effect on oily skin. This leads to itchiness during monsoons. Be sure to use a non-water based moisturiser if you are likely to get wet often. 
  • Never avoid SPF even if it’s the rainy season. Remember, the UV Rays are always up and around us!
Share your monsoon skincare tips with us! 🙂