Monsoon Mania!

By Kirthi

So it’s raining cats and dogs and you can’t really do much about the bleakness that’s going nuts around you. But here’s a sure shot way to keep yourself cheery this monsoon: through your outfits!

Go crazy with colours!
It’s bad enough that there are raincoats and boots and umbrellas that are washed with the gray bleakness of rain. But jazz up your surroundings with everything from deep nature green to meld with the after shower foliage, or go bright with blues, reds, yellows and oranges! Try to keep the combination of colours to a minimum – a monochrome in bright shades works like magic.

Style those outfits!

Use dresses that aren’t linear and usual cuts. With asymmetry going up for grabs like hotcakes, also opt for a dash of the Bohemian with clean silhouettes and few layers, but lots of rich texture and colour! Get crafty with your scarves and stoles so you can make the best of aestheticism and warmth.

Pick the right material
Monsoons do not just make you wet, but also get you feeling a little cold. Use outfits that keep you warm while also being light enough to dry up should it get wet. Avoid crepes, chiffons and georgettes like the plague, and keep cotton, linen and blended nets at bay!
Footwear fetish
Wear sensible footwear that is as stylish as it is useful. From gumboots to sensible moccasins, cat heels and closed flats, be sure to wear footwear that can keep your feet clean and dry – remember, dirty water isn’t just icky, but also spreads leptospirosis!

So what’s your style statement this monsoon?