A Hair Raising Tale!

Okay, maybe this post on the journey of me and my hair isn’t going to be as interesting as the story of Rapunzel but I find it personally amusing to reflect on what I’ve gone through and thank my mom for the good hair I’ve inherited! (and it is definitely her hair I’ve inherited since my mom has enough hair to compensate for the loss of it on my dad’s head!) 😀

From fine hair when I was less than 6 months to really curly, thick hair later, my hair was super easy to manage when I was a kid since my mom took care of it with TLC. Regular oiling and shikakai aka the “Hair Fruit” kept my hair intact. My dad, who thought that spending so much time on my hair was a waste (considering he didn’t have any :P) wanted me to have my hair really short so that it was manageable. You can read all about it here.

Then THE day came when my mom gave me full freedom to do what I wanted with my hair or rather she had given up since I’m the kind who loves experimenting with my hair. I had burgundy highlights when I was in Class 11. And I’ve had the weirdest haircuts ever!!

On a certain day, when I didn’t have the patience to go to a parlor, I handed the scissors to my grandmom just out of the urge to do something about my hair one day. She cut it so short that it looked terrible since I had curly hair!! And NO, I wasn’t drunk to hand her the scissors!! I was just crazy! So I got my hair straightened the same night (the poor lady in the beauty parlor was there till 9 just to straighten my hair!). And this was 7 years back 😉

After a lot of ups and downs, last year, in July I got my hair cut again and sensibly got a layer cut that defined my face instead of going in for a crazy one. But the thought of getting purple/blue/red highlights is still there at the back of my mind. My hair has grown, no doubt and I have the urge to go get it cut especially now since the summer heat is killing me but surprisingly I haven’t. My hair has definitely thinned down and looks frizzier but thats part and parcel of life! And of course, growing my hair has made my mom happy. There is nothing more satisfying than that. It is worth all the trouble. 🙂 Oh and also the lady at the salon I go to refuses to cut my hair and literally convinces me each time not to get it cut. 😛 So my hair as such hasn’t undergone any major makeover as of now but after my wedding, yes, it is going to be one helluva makeover!!

What’s your hair story? Share it with me and the other readers in the comments section below!