Stressing on being Stress Free

So you wake up in the morning, fling something massive on your alarm clock while wishing it wasn’t invented at all, only to find yourself in the Bluest of Blues. Yikes! It’s Monday. You have a whole week to walk through, work through, and virtually whiz through, before it is Monday (Yikes!) again! It isn’t so bad, really, we say. How, you ask? Well, by following the simple Divassence Seven Fold Path to Stress-less-ness! Here’s how:
  • Allow yourself some time to unwind each weekend: Give yourself a lot of time to just unwind, calm down and virtually do nothing. If not for the entire weekend, do this at least for a part of each Sunday. Being too busy is a big source of stress, and it’s even worse if you have too much to do on the weekends- the break just goes out of the window!
  • Exercise: It may seem like a dreary prospect to allow yourself to be dragged into the portals of a gym or even to the park outside to jog a couple of rounds. Do it anyway, so it lets your creative juices flow, and lets your energy balance itself!
  • Eat well: Use your weekend well, to celebrate and to enjoy your free time. Make sure to eat well, before you turn in on Sunday, a sustained stomach will make you a happier person!
  • Don’t carry your work home on the weekend! The purpose of the weekend is lost, and naturally, the Monday Morning Blues will hit you harder!

  • Keep your work ready way before the deadline: It doesn’t help things if you have to walk into work with an assignment pending, and your boss turning into a Chinese Dragon. Make sure you complete your work at your earliest!
  • Meditate: A short meditation just before your day starts out works wonders on your temperament!

  • Surround yourself with pleasantness. Always start your day with a positive thought. Difficult to do, yes, but equally necessary to let yourself enjoy every waking moment!

Written by Kirthi Jayakumar for Divassence!

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