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I recently got a chance to shop with and no I didn’t pick up anything fancy-shmancy!! 😛 There were a good selection of clothes, jewellery and footwear but instead I bought something that would be multi-purpose in utility and help me organize the cards which were overflowing in my wallet better.

We’ll get back to what I bought in the end. 😛 I just wanted to take you guys on a quick tour of the site (I feel like a tourist guide :P) and give you details on the navigation of the site and what I think of it overall.
The website has a very well organized layout and right on top below the header you have the main categories and when you hover over them it shows you the sub-categories. On the left they’ve simplified the entire process for you by segregating all their products for men and women. But personally I find this too repetitive since it has already been segregated as men, women and children below the header. I think over simplifying the shopping process makes a person lose the joy of shopping (Atleast for me it does! You are free to voice your opinion! :D)
The website has everything a shopoholic could dream of! From footwear to bags,clothes, accessories you name it you have it! Brands like W, Puma, Tresmode, UCB, Arrow,Hidesign are available on I loved the selection of clothes, bags and shoes. There is something for everyone. Now Ive always had this fear of ordering clothes online since there is always this doubt of “what if it doesn’t fit me?” But now I think I can shop for clothes online without a doubt! (read on till the end to know how and why :P)

The only issue I had is with the jewellery section. I wish there were more options to choose from in the jewellery section. Being an ardent jewellery lover I was a little disappointed with this.

The beauty section wasn’t there when i shopped from the site but it has reappeared very recently.
Now the process of payment is also very simple. I had to just add the product to my cart, sign in and pay. I didn’t have any issues with the payment. It is definitely a safe site to shop from.
Now coming back to what I bought. I wanted a multipurpose card holder and a little space for me to keep a notepad with a small pen and voila! this caught my eye. The American Tourister Brown Travel Pouch put an end to my unorganized wallet woes 😀
I was really impressed with the customer service and the delivery process. As soon as I placed the order I got a call from the customer care service confirming my order and they said it will reach me in 4-5 days but it reached me in a day and a half!
Usually I don’t expect any parcels to arrive during the weekends so I really didn’t bother informing my mom about this parcel I was expecting. But this one came on a Saturday and the courier guy insisted that my mom opened the package and check if the product was in perfect condition and then accept it! How awesome was that! I was thoroughly impressed with the delivery system and I would definitely order dresses online from now!

Overall I am satisfied with my shopping experience from They have definitely up-ed their standards in terms of products, delivery and service from when they started out.

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Have you shopped with What has your experience been like?

Disclaimer: I was provided a voucher to shop on the site but opinions on the shopping experience and the site are purely my own.