Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick in Glam Red: Review/Swatch/LOTD

Good morning everyone!
“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
          Gwyneth Paltrow
When I started wearing lipsticks I stuck to neutral colours and dark browns. I didn’t have the courage to venture into bold shades until I came across the above quote. When I picked up my first red lipstick this quote was playing in my mind, assuring me that I wasn’t crazy to pick up a red and now nearly a year later, I’ve become obsessed with red lipsticks *thank you Ms. Paltrow*
So today am back with a red lipstick! (I have a few more red lipsticks to show you all so please bear with me *pretty pleaseeeeeeee*) It’s a stunning red from Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick range called Glam Red (I know, I know, all red lipsticks are stunning but this is a bit above everything else, trust me  :P)

Price: Rs.375 for 1.8g (almost always available on discount :P)
Shelf life: 3 years
Availability: Only through Avon representatives.
Avon’s take on their Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick Range:
Glossy vibrant lip colour that last for hours*, and has the high shine of a lipgloss. Sweetened with a peachy flavour, has a slimline design which is ideal for handbags.

The packaging is pure love! If Lakme Office Stylist range had a slimmer and taller sister, it would look exactly like this Avon lipstick 😛 It has the same rose gold packaging but looks more sleek and packs in lesser product than the Lakme Office Stylist range (half the product to be exact :P). The brand name is inscribed in silver lettering. The mechanism is very smooth too. 

The shade is a very wearable red. There are no shimmers, thank god for that! I cannot sport a red with shimmers, that requires a LOT more courage than what I have now 😛 This particular shade is very well pigmented, a single swipe gives me enough colour to hide my pigmentation and would be perfect for day wear, if swiped twice or thrice the intensity of the shade and the shine increases so much that you will be able to wear it only for a night out or for parties.

Avon claims that this is a lip colour which has the high shine of a lipgloss and I can’t find a better way to describe this lipstick. It has the pigmentation of a lipstick but comes with a very glossy finish, just like a lipgloss. The only claim which Avon fails to fulfill is that it lasts for hours. It lasts for an hour max if you have a snack, an hour and a half if you have a coffee and a snack, you have to go search for the lipstick if you had a meal, I guess that explains its staying power 😛 

The texture is very smooth, I wouldn’t say it is creamy, rather it is like the texture of a lip balm. Though this characteristic of the lipstick is a boon for dry lipped girls like me, it reduces the staying power of the lipstick very badly. The lipstick barely stays for 3 hours and once I have a sip of water or coffee, the glossiness disappears and I’m left with a soft stain which disappears in an hour. The high glossy shine + low staying power + light moisturizing feel = what I expect from a lipgloss and not a lipstick 😛 
I don’t mind reapplying this since I absolutely love the texture of this lipstick and since it has just 1.8g of product I might end up finishing this off soon! The lip swatch was taken after I had a sip of water, 5 minutes after application and as you can see the glossiness did not survive even a sip of water 😛 The hand swatch shows you how glossy it looks! 
  • Buttery, balm-like texture
  • An easy to wear red shade
  • Does not contain any shimmers 😛
  • Gives a very glossy, juicy finish
  • Packaging is very stylish
  • Well pigmented
  • Below average staying power
  • Quantity is less
Final Word:
I’m not sure if it is still available, I haven’t spotted it in the Avon brochures for a while. But if it is still available, I’m definitely getting a few more shades from this range, I love it! 
Rating: 4/5