VIVO Lacquer Shine Lipgloss: Fire: Review/Swatch/FOTD

Whoever discovered lipsticks definitely deserve a pat on their back. As much as I love my blushers, lipsticks have a special place in my heart. The more pigmented they are, the better. So what do you really infer from this? That I’m conducting a GRE/SAT exam here where logical inferences fetch you scores? Not really, but seriously, all I wanted to say was that lipglosses are something I usually stay away from and if you still don’t know the reason then refer to the above sentences 😛 😛 Gosh! Did I actually write this??!! 


So you may ask, why I got 3 instead of just one of these. Well imagine a lip product named Fire. Imagine the fiery orange that it might be. Well, least to say, Fire surprised me.

Price£1.99 for 4.1 ml 

What VIVO says about the Lacquer Shine Glosses: Our newest lip gloss in the range! Do you want people to notice your lips? These lip glosses are full of INTENSE colour! Not only that, but also provides full glossy coverage, perfect for the day or night. Comes in 8 amazing shades so lots to choose from and to suit anyone!

Packaging: The lipgloss comes in a bulky square tube (similar to the Maybelline Color Sensational High Sihine Lipglosses but shorter) with a black cap where the tube is transparent for the color to be visible . The plastic seems a little cheap to me and looks like it is susceptible to breakage. But I really shouldn’t be complaining about all this for the price it comes for!

I have to talk about the color in detail here. As much as I expected a fiery orange, when I received the glosses and had a look at Fire, I was completely taken aback! Fire is a soft (read REALLY soft) milky coral that looks as natural as your lip color. I was disappointed that it wasn’t a bright orange and that the name deluded me but nevertheless, this color is too pretty to not like. It looks a tad brighter when swatched than when applied on the lips but maybe on fairer skin tones and on less pigmented lips it might show up as the exact same color.

The lipgloss’ applicator in this case is a brush. If there is one thing I completely dislike about this lip gloss it is the brush that comes with it. It is so small and the brush looks like it has plastic bristles which refuse to budge and bend and makes application a nightmare. It is unlike the usual lipgloss brushes I’ve seen and the application is so streaky! I use my fingers to apply the gloss instead. I dab the color on my lips and tadaa!

The formula is such that it is on the stickier side. It also makes my lips slightly dry after a while. The lip gloss does not feel too heavy on the lips although it is sticky. The color disappears completely in a hour and this drawback is only with respect to Fire. The more pigmented glosses stay on for a longer time.

Since this gloss is called “Lacquer Shine” I thought I should be dedicating an entire paragraph to the shine aspect of it. Yes, it does provide a shine but I wouldn’t say the shine is as good as the Maybelline High Shine ones. Light colors like Fire in this collection would be good for layering purposes. Wear a lipstick during the day and top it off with this gloss at night for that shine, and you are good to go. As a lipgloss, on its own I’m not highly impressed with this one.

Final Word: Fire is a milky soft coral that looks lovely in the tube but the formulation, staying power, shine, the brush applicator and the packaging irks me. Unless you think you need such a color in your life for layering purposes, I would strongly advise you to give this one a pass.