VIVO Baked Blush: Rouge Shimmer: Review/Swatch/FOTD

Although I would buy any blush blindly irrespective of the name, I had second thoughts about a particular blush that, well had the word “shimmer” in it. If it was. say, sheen or glow who would have second thoughts about it?? But shimmer?? Well, irrespective of the so called second thoughts, not so surprisingly, I did buy it!! Meet one of the prettiest blushers in my vanity, Rouge Shimmer. 

Price: £4 for 8g
Ingredients : 

Packaging: The blush comes in the usual but a flat blush pan with a transparent lid. 

The blush is domed shaped just like any other baked blush but the quantity you get for the price is a lot!! 

Rouge Shimmer is a rosy, warm pink with warm pink and red veins. The resulting color when the brush is swirled across the pan is a beautiful warm pink with a slight hint of red in it. 

The blush true to its name, is packed with shimmer but like I had mentioned in the VIVO Cinnamon Glow review, this one to does not feel gritty when applied. The blush is finely milled and makes for even application. The shimmer is THE cause for the amazing glow this blush provides.

The blush lasted on me for about 5 and a half to 6 hours and it had disappeared completely, including the shimmer. 

This particular blush, due its warmth in terms of color, is apt for Indian skin tones. This would be THE blush to use for your ethnic wears and weddings. 

Thumbs Up for: 

  • The color! The warm pink would suit all skin tones! 
  • The shimmer translates as a glow on the cheeks
  • Quantity given for the price is enough to last a lifetime! 
  • The shimmer disappears when the color fades away from your cheeks

Thumbs Down for:

  • The availability!! These are available only on the VIVO site or if you live in the UK, in Tesco.

Final Word: Overall I love Rouge Shimmer. For those of you in search of a warm pink blush which gives an amazing glow, this one is for you! 

Rating: 4.75/5

This completes my reviews on the VIVO Baked Blushers. You can read my reviews of Cinnamon Glow and Rosy here & here.