Get Inspired! Get Fit!: My current fitness routine feat. Lucy Wyndham Read’s workout videos

As a person who has a 9 to 6 job, working out, atleast in the past, looked like a chore to me.

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I did not enjoy my workouts and after coming back home at 7, all I wanted to do was have my dinner and sleep. I would be motivated to exercise or run, but that would last for a short period of time and I would be back on my old routine. However, that has changed recently.

When videos make workouts look simple and the instructor understands that not all of us have the time on hand for an elaborate workout or the energy, stamina to last that long, then those videos are a hit in my books.

One such fitness guru, who has inspired me lately is Lucy Wyndham-Read. Lucy’s videos are short, she keeps her exercises simple yet effective and knows what she is doing. She will tell you why you should alternate your squats with cardios and will make you understand what is being done for what purpose. I absolutely love her real-time fitness videos to say the least.

Currently, I have incorporated two of Lucy’s videos in my routine. I do the ‘4 Minute Workout- Including The Anti-Cellulite Jump’ and Waist and Arm Toner’ in the morning and the ‘5 Minute Thigh and Butt Fat Burning Home Workout’ in the evening. This way, I am giving my body the exercise it needs despite my schedule and I am consistent with my work out since these particular exercises make me feel better and gives me the confidence that I can complete an entire workout routine.

Here are the two videos:

One more thing I really like is that Lucy motivates her viewers to exercise effectively. Her videos have helped me get out of my comfort zone.

If you want to lose weight or stay healthy only by dieting, think again. Exercising is as important as having a healthy balanced diet. If you find that you do not have much time to spare, Lucy’s videos are meant for you. You could do a five minute routine or combine it with another five minute routine to work on your problem areas. It is as flexible as it can get.

Hope this helps!