Estrella Professional Forever Young treatment at Limelite Salon & Spa: Review

Ageing and dull skin is something all of us have to deal with at some point of our lives.

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My skin is dull and lifeless at the moment because of the stress at work and falling sick often. It is a huge cause of concern for me at the moment since my wedding is just four months away *tries not to scream but will do so very soon*

Limelite Salon & Spa has launched a new line of treatments and facials from Estrella Professional which makes your skin look younger and brighter. When I was offered a chance to review one of these facials and treatments, I immediately jumped at the offer.

About the Limelite Salon & Spa in LB Road:
Since I had chosen the Limelite Salon & Spa located at Chamier’s Road last time, this time I chose the one on LB Road for my facial. I wanted to see how different each branch was, in terms of service, whether there was consistency in quality and so on. Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

The service was as good as the one on Chamier’s Road and the masseuse who attended to me that day, Latha was friendly and kept checking with me at every step if I was comfortable. Questioning as to how a product feels on the skin, if the pressure while doing the massage is comfortable ensures that the entire procedure is smooth and doesn’t affect the skin. So brownie points for that extra attention to ensure that I did not end up with an allergic reaction!

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Limelite & Estrella Spa’s Facials and Treatments
Cost: varies from 1400 to 2875 INR + tax
Available at: Limelite Salon & Spa, 10 am to 9pm on all days
Recommended for: Those who have dull, lifeless, tanned or/and ageing skin
USP of Limelite: Good service, hygienic (disposable gowns are used during the procedure, the masseuse wears a surgical mask during the entire process)
Products used: Estrella Professional Intenso products
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours

There are two treatments and two facials that are offered:

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  1. Glow In: 2,645 INR for each sitting; the treatment claims to guarantee smoother,lighter skin thereby ensuring a brighter and glowing skin
  2. Forever Young: 2,875 INR for each sitting; claims to reduce signs of skin-ageing and provide firmer and younger looking skin with a glow. It reduce signs of skin-ageing.


  1. Luminous Glow Facial: 1,680 INR; fights against early-aging by ensuring a youthful glow which helps to get supple, even toned, radiant looking skin.
  2. Pristine Pearl Facial: 1,400 INR; guarantees pearl-like glow.

The treatment I was recommended was the Forever Young one since my skin was dull and my forehead was slightly tanned.

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The beautician-cum-masseuse, Latha, first used a cleanser on my skin and ensured my face was clean and free of any external impurities before starting the facial.

She then applied a Pre Peel which contains AHA Complex. AHA Complex (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) helps eliminate the dead cells from the skin’s surface. After the Pre Peel, Peel Art Youth Elixir was applied on the face. This Youth Elixir has AHA Complex and Glycolic. Glycolic usually penetrates deep into the skin and helps treat issues like blackheads, fine lines and blemishes.

The skin does feel ticklish and there’s a pricking sensation initially when the peels are applied. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT get your face threaded before this treatment otherwise you might have to bear a lot more pricking sensation than you were meant to.

Now, these peels unlike the chemical peels that you get done at a dermatologist’s clinic is a progressive peel. This means that the effect is mild and one needs to go for multiple sittings to see an improvement that is going to last.

Post the peels, a serum was applied. This serum, called the Youth Elixir, has Collagen and Vitamin E. Collagen helps in firming and regular renewal of skin cells. It is important for one’s skin elasticity. This serum was massaged into the skin. The massage was very relaxing and helped me take my mind of everything for a few minutes. There are times when a facial can do wonders not only to your skin but also to your wellbeing as such.

My terrible migraine headache started the day before I was to go for a facial at Limelite Salon & Spa and I was unsure if I would go but the massage gave me temporary relief.

A Rose peel off mask was applied to cool down the skin after that intense peel and massage. This was followed by the application of sunscreen. My skin looked and felt better after the entire process. My skin looked a lot brighter and the tan had visibly reduced.

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I was advised the following:

  • Not to use makeup for three hours post the facial; I did not use makeup that entire day. I let my skin breathe after a facial and avoid makeup for a day or two.
  • Not to use a scrub for a week: Since a peel was used on my face, I was asked not to use a scrub. I was
  • also told to use a mild face wash.
  • To use a day cream and a sunscreen

Final Word: I did see a difference in the sense, the tan had visibly reduced and my face looked radiant. My skin also feels healthy to touch and surprisingly, despite the fact that I have sensitive skin, there were no allergic reactions post the facial. A thumbs up for this one from my end and I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the facial for review purpose and opinions on the experience and salon are purely my own.