Weekly Ramblings: Round 16

Helloz people!!How are you all? How was your week? Mine has been good so far! I do have a very special news to tell you. 😉 Nope I’m not pregnant nor am I getting married! (in whichever order it happens, none of these are happening now by the way :P)Well, last Sunday I went for brunch to Little Italy in Nungambakkam. I went, thinking I’ll choose from the a la carte menu but the brunch buffet looked so tempting that I was convinced to try the amazing selection in the brunch menu and I must say, the food was AMAZING!!

Weirdly there was also Chinese noodles and fried rice in the menu but both of these tasted so good! Anyway, the garlic bread was so soft and it tasted so good that it filled my plate in the first two courses. There was a good selection of dishes overall!

Chinese food, lasagna, salad and juice!
Pastas of our choice!
Mango cheese cake, orange mini tarts and of course, healthy watermelon to end the meal! 😉

I’m off for a very special friend’s wedding at the end of this month and I’m so busy planning what to take and practising my makeup! I am so excited! If you would like to see what I will be taking with me in terms of clothes, jewellery and makeup, do let me know. I’ll do a post on that on The Jhumka Diaries. 🙂

Okay now for the good news! Divassence! has been shortlisted as one of the top 10 blogs from the ‘n’ number of nominations for the BlogAdda awards! Yipeeee! I don’t know if my blog fits the bill and is worthy of the nomination but this makes me want to work harder and give you guys better quality content. 🙂 Thank you all so much for your support till now and if you think Divassence! deserves the recognition please support the blog by voting for it here. 🙂 It would mean a lot to me. <3

Last but not the least, there is a hilarious post that will be up on the blog next week (I bet you can’t guess what it is about!!) and here is a sneak peek! 😉

Surprised? Well, there’s more.. but next week! 😉