Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color: Flirtatious Pink: Review/Swatch/LOTD

Some colors, when it comes to makeup, are better off on the makeup counter than lying idle in my cupboard. For me, the one color I would have a long term relationship (till death do us part!!) would be orange. A color I wouldn’t even bother looking at, would be a boring dull pink which is known to be a safe. Safe is boring. And looking at Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color in Flirtatious Pink, at first glance made me sigh at the misnomer. BUT…

it also made realize that I should never judge a book by it’s outer cover. Although Flirtatious Pink looks boring as such, it is one of those pink-corals which is universally flattering! 
Price: 800 INR for 3.94 gms + free sharpener
Description of the product as given on the websiteTake me as I am lip color is a unique multi functional product which provides the application of a lipstick combined with the convenience of a pencil in a jumbo crayon design. It is an extra creamy and soft feeling lipstick formula with excellent color pay-off and coverage. Viscous oils and esters create the beautiful shine. Skin conditioning ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E further enhance the comfortable wearing properties.

Packaging: The Take Me As I Am Lip Colors come in a black jumbo crayon format with the end of the outer packaging representing the actual color of the lip product. Take Me As I Am, Flirtatious Pink… Don’t they all sound straight out of a romantic novel?? Take Me As I Am my love! And my jumbo lip color too! 
Color: Flirtatious Pink literally flirts with you I say! Initially it might look like a boring pink that brands sell by the dozen but it is a beautiful coral-pink which you can wear full on for a more bright pink-coral color or tone it down for a muted pink-coral color (and in this case the pink dominates). So now you know why it is called Flirtatious Pink! 
I’ve tried the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks and the Cream Touch ones. The Take Me As I Am lip color is a combination of both. It is very creamy on application but sets as a soft matte. It isn’t as drying as a velvet matte nor is it too creamy. It does not cling on to your lips like matte lipsticks do.A good mix of both is what would describe this best. It does impart a slight shine similar to lip glosses. 

In terms of staying power, it lasted on me for about 4 hours after which reapplication was necessary. The shine disappeared in 2 hours and I was left with a soft matte look but surprisingly it wasn’t drying at all. The color did not fade either.

The Take Me as I Am Lip Colors usually come with a “free” sharpener. Honestly, for the 800 bucks we pay for this, if they didn’t include a sharpener, it would be lame. Seriously. The lip color as such is so expensive! And it isn’t a retractable pencil so there is wastage inevitably.

  • The perfect combination of a matte and creamy lipstick
  • The gorgeous pink-coral color
  • The price!! 
  • Wastage of product since the crayon is non-retractable. So sharpening leads to wastage. 
  • Staying power could have been better

You can see from the pictures below that the color looks different under different lighting. The lip swatch was taken outdoor while the full face picture was taken indoor under diffused sunlight. 

Final Word: Flirtatious Pink is a color that I so badly want to have a long term relationship with since the color and texture scores a perfect 10 but the price makes me want to look for dupes and be content with those!!